During the past century, architects, design engineers, and improvements to building materials and equipment have combined to create countless magnificent structures, making our cities what they are today.  The buildings grow ever taller and their inherent capabilities to serve their human occupants every more impressive.  

With increased building size and capability, it was only natural that complexity would also be intrinsic to the modern building.  The contemporary office facility is a heterogeneous structure, often containing the very latest in technological equipment. 

The operator of modern office buildings, the Building Engineer, must possess a wide variety of technical and analytical skills to accomplish his or her job in maintaining intricately constructed buildings.  This technical complexity creates the need for a professional association for Building Engineers.  It is this need that the San Antonio Association of Building Engineers (SAABE) seeks to meet - through providing industry-specific information in its monthly newsletter, offering networking with peers at its monthly membership meetings, and in presenting seminars for continuing education and training.

We appreciate your membership and solicit your input and feedback on our programs.  Thank you for being a valued member of SAABE.

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