As a service to our members, SAABE will post open engineering and maintenance positions.  At this time, we will post positions from any and all companies, even if the company is not an existing member, in order to allow our memberships as many opportunities as possible.

If you have a job opening, please email the following to our Association Manager at

  • Job Description with detailed requirements AND contact information included.
  • All jobs submitted MUST be provided as an attachment in PDF or Microsoft Word format, we will not be able to create, reformat or edit job descriptions in any way.  If not sent in the requested format, the job will not be posted.
  • We also post resumes for any engineers that are currently searching.
  • Please allow 72 business hours for any job postings or resumes to be added to the website.

PLEASE NOTE: All job postings will remain on the site for 60 days and then removed, if not previously notified that the position has been filled.  If you would like the position to be posted longer than 60 days, please specify or email Association Manager to request an extension.


SWBC - Senior Building Engineer - CLICK HERE

Westdale Commercial - Maintenance Technician - CLICK HERE