The SAABE Certified Building Engineer program has been the Mile Stone for both past and future members since the San Antonio Association of Building Engineers came into existence in the mid 1980’s.  Over the years the program has grown and expanded to keep up with trends and advancements of the industry as well as keeping up with new and changing city and governmental codes and requirements.

Through these times the level of Designations has broadened to include those just getting into our trade, ones that have passed milestones of tenure as well as advancements through Formal training offered by BOMA, BOMI, both Public and private schools and other accredited technical institutions. Currently any formal training obtained through or by manufactures of equipment they produce and distribute for commercial use also counts to meet each Designation level and their specific requirements.



  (Example 1996) 

To date SAABE has awarded many and various levels of Certifications to our Members and are currently evaluating recent applications for the “In-Training”, “Apprentice”, “Journeymen” and “Master” levels.

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*If you’re not listed here please review the Application CLICK HERE and see which Designation may be in your sights or the one you should already have!


“Over the last thirty plus years SAABE members have consisted of  a large line up of Vendors, Service Companies, Engineering firms, Government Agencies, School Districts, Property Management Companies, City Agencies and Owner Managed  Facilities to just mention a few.

Through the years SAABE has continually strived to achieve and meet the needs and expectations of its members while growing the recognition of SAABE and its Certified Building Engineer Certificate program by those that employee us and those companies we use to meet the needs and requirements of local government jurisdictions and of our clients while providing a network for professionals like us that are seeking training opportunities, employment advancement and the unity of those in this very unique career field. 

All this is with effort to produce a platform to become acknowledged as “Qualified Personnel” and future “Subject Matter Experts.”  This Certification program consists of proven specialists evaluated by their peers, in person, not on-line but face to face, which can be at your building(s)/facilities/centers or a site you may have never seen before for your evaluation concluding with a direct path to achieve your goals.

This is where SAABE is at and welcoming all those that join SAABE, or are already members but haven’t been formally introduced to the CBE Program, and have the want to become part of the bigger whole—get your CBE Designation today, and grow with SAABE. Ask me how and why!”